Y-3 Pureboost with Celebrities’ Influence

July 15, 2017

Many celebrities’ impact on the fashion industry and the youth has been apparent since they swayed kids to wear the celebrities’ items their parents or themselves to buy them. One of the example is these shoes. Many hype call the shoes Jerry Lorenzo’s daily shoes since last year. To top it all off, the shoes (Y-3 Pureboost) might be influenced by “boost trend” as well as perfection of the design. I’d say he’s one of the hottest designers now days. He has been known by his own brand “Fear of God.” It has been called a streetwear and contemporary brand. Many celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Kanye West have worn his brand and support his fashion these days, which demand of the clothes has consistently been growing around world. Moreover, that demand has led to collaborations with Vans on sneakers and PacSun on younger more affordable line called FOG. Lorenzo even designed Bieber’s Purpose tour merch. I might be telling you, hands down, the brands of Lorenzo have been in history and made a story in the current fashion industry.





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