Criticize Branding

May 4, 2016

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Why people prefer branding?

Fashion is kind of showing an external aspect.

Many people want themselve to be attractive by using the external way.

 I would say one more thing for someone would not understand this.

Everybody has a hobby and will spend money that they can justify on their interest.

(If I say it is hobby, I guess many people will not agree with this by saying aggressively “that is very functionalist approach to clothes.” But I do not

care about it because I am in moderate amount of commercialism and they may not have no idea there are a lot of people’s interests for this lives)

My buddy buys tons of workout powder things that I would never spend money on, but I understand that working out is his thing. Same how he sees me buy higher prices clothing and he thinks it’s cool, but would never do it himself.

I would say if they are different with you, you can say “that’s cool, buddy!” even though you do not really think like it.People values all are different and you can understand it.

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