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April 14, 2016

This year is NMDs

Nobody could not deny this but how the nmds have been became as the most famous things nowdays

In my thought, the Adidas  received a lot of praise from many hypes and the critics by launching the boost technology and many celebrities enjoyed wearing the Ultra boosts and Yeezy boosts. To be blunt with this issue, Adidas gained the 2015 best running shoes award for the Ultra Boost and Kanye won the best shoes for his Yeezy Boost at the same year. The one of the biggest effects of being famous would be the appearance of the Yeezy boost by Kanye West. He personally was tired of doing business with Nike and just moved to Adidas to keep making his Yeezy products and he added the boost technology into them. These create a big sensation in now fashion industries and make many hypes turn to choose Adidas shoes, which the Jordans have been kept dropping considerably in value. I dare to say this is ‘The Kanye Effect’. I know some people do not like this, but this would be mostly likely to be a true. However, nobody know the future of the trend. One day, Nike, New balance, or Asics etc will have a chance to win by changing existing concepts

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