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July 27, 2015

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Hi, I’m DJ Choi and this is my blog. Thanks for stopping by. I take things like fashion and people life seriously. I love living in Toronto but my favorite city to visit is NYC. Here is a little bit more about me..

I’m from Bucheon, South Korea. I finished my education as high school and studied Engineering at college in Korea but I decided to go studying aboard in Toronto. Then I quit my education of Engineering and I came to Toronto and finished International Trade at college. Lately, I am still studying on Economics at York University. I love a variety of fashion stuffs, even though they aren’t my major business. This is one of my endeavors to catch my dream.

I’d say that the best street style photography should be expressed naturally with natural poses, expression of face, and background. It isn’t about how fabulous people look with good makeup and high quality brands, and more to the point is their natural mood with natural light and interesting contextual background. The photos focusing over much on clothing brands would just be appearance for show. Thus, I’d try to take a picture of people as naturally as I can. Sometimes, I just like to shoot photos of anything related to human life. If there is the human face of mood, I’ll be willing to take it. Even if it seems distant from fashion things, I look forward to the way people could be much impressed by humane photos. The most important thing about fashion is just confidence and attitude no matter what people wear.